Project Description

The Exchange Notifications component makes it easy to receive Push notifications from an Exchange 2007 server using a simple object model.

Notifications are received using a WCF listener.

More informations about the Exchange 2007 notification system can be found here:

More information about Exchange (2003 & 2007) is available on my website:


A sample application is now available from either the source code or the downloads section. It's a rather simple application that uses the new Managed API to subscribe to multiple calendars and display upcoming appointments.


  • Implementation of a listener using WCF service model - you can plug it into any application; no need for IIS to be present.
  • Auto-Renewal of subscriptions if they time out for whatever reason
  • Ability to save the current state of a collection of subscriptions (either binary or in XML);
  • A collection of subscriptions can be restarted after deserialization asynchronously, ensuring that no events are missed.


Currently, only the source, the binaries and a basic help file are available.

However, I will release a sample application early 2009.

Features I'd like to implement:
  • Support for Pull Subscriptions
  • Automatic fall back from a push to a pull subscription if the former doesn't work.
  • Anything you'd like to see :-)

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